Thursday, April 21, 2016 Brainstorming and Mind Mapping Tool is a free, web-based tool that allows users to create, save, and share mind maps. 

A mind map is a visual representation of ideas and concepts that includes central ideas surrounded by connected branches of associated topics. 

Mind mapping is a great method to assist with the organization and development of group projects, presentations, and outlines. aims to assist with the brainstorming process and encourages creative thinking.

Mind Map Benefits & Uses

  • Summarize books, articles, and essays
  • Communicate ideas and thought processes
  • Create outlines
  • Encourage creative thinking
  • Brainstorm and explore ideas, concepts, and problems
  • Group project organization
  • Rearrange and manipulate topics, ideas, and key words
  • Note taking 
  • Develop visual aids for presentations and reports

Create a free account, saving up to three mind maps at a time! If you’d like to learn more about please visit their website at, or visit the Getting Started page to view step-by-step directions at  Additional helpful resources can be accessed at

Thursday, April 7, 2016

NoRedInk: Improve Grammar and Writing Skills

Improve Grammar and Writing Skills

NoRedInk is a free, web-based application that allows students to practice and improve grammar and writing skills. Student accounts are personalized by selecting specific topics of interest, such as the NFL, Presidents, specific TV shows or TV characters, etc. Once your account has been personalized, the grammar lessons and practice exercises will reflect the specific topics you have selected. Lesson topics include adjectives vs. adverbs, active and passive voice, commonly confused words, and punctuation use, to name a few.




Use NoRedInk as a resource for additional practice opportunities that focus on strengthening grammar and writing skills. Students are able to see what they did wrong, have multiple attempts, and receive helpful hints along the way. 

Students can create a free account and access the lessons and exercises using
one of two following methods:

1.  If using NoRedInk as part of a course, students can use the instructor provided class code (ie. HTZ356) to access the assigned exercises
or quizzes.
2.  If using NoRedInk on your own, students can access the lessons and exercises without an instructor class code by selecting the Lessons and
Practice tabs.

If you’d like to learn more about NoRedInk please visit their website at or come visit us in the eLearning Department
in TLC 427. If you are unable to visit in person, please contact us by email
at, or by phone at (517) 483-1939.