Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Viewing Grades from the Dropbox

Did you know you can view your dropbox grades from within the dropbox tool? Viewing dropbox grades in this way can also allow you to access any written feedback or feedback files attached by an Instructor for more information on the grade you received.

To view your grades from the dropbox:

  1. Select Dropbox from the Assessments drop-down menu on the navigation bar.
  2. Once an item has been graded, the grade that an Instructor has assigned to the submission will be listed in the Score column.
  3. Select the View icon to view any available feedback.
  4. If your feedback is left within a file, select the Link to the file to view or download the feedback file.
  5. Select Done.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


If this is your first time using D2L for an Online and/or Hybrid course, it is HIGHLY recommended that you complete the Learning Online at LCC training prior the start of the semester. The Learning Online at LCC training is designed to prepare students for using D2L in their Online and or Hybrid courses as well as making them aware of the expectations that come with being an online student. Select the video below to learn more about how to access the Learning Online at LCC training and registered semester courses.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Accessing Grades in Desire2Learn

Students can review their grades in D2L by selecting the Grades link from the navigation toolbar.If you have trouble finding the grades area in D2L, please contact the eLearning Department for assistance at:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Official grades for courses will be available in Banner after the end date of the course.

Monday, July 6, 2015

What happens to Discussion posts I save as drafts?

Within a discussion post in D2L Students can save their post as a draft before publishing.  
Saving as a draft allows the student to come back to the post at a later time, finish and then publish the post.

To access posts that have been saved as drafts navigate to the topic where you have saved the draft.  Once inside the topic click on the drafts link to access the posts you have saved as drafts.  Drafts can be edited and saved or edited an published.

Please note that until the draft is published other users in the course will not see the post.  

For more information on using discussion boards within D2L please visit: http://lcc-elearning-student.wikispaces.com/Discussions+Overview