Thursday, October 23, 2014

Need Assistance with Writing at LCC?

The LCC Writing Center is there to help you! Students can set up face-to-face or online appointments with Peer Writing Assistants to work through specific assignments resulting in an improvement of your writing skills as a whole. 

The Peer Writing Assistants are or have been LCC Students who are specially trained to work with you regarding writing for your LCC courses including:
  • Brainstorming Ideas
  • Generating a Rough Draft
  • Polishing Your Writing
  • and more!

To view the services offered by the LCC Writing Center and/or schedule an appointment with a Peer Writing Assistant, please visit:

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Viewing a Quiz Submission in Desire2Learn

Once you have taken and submitted a quiz in Desire2Learn, you can review the attempt information for that quiz. Your instructor will determine what information is available to review, but you will be able to see when the quiz was taken and that it was submitted successfully.

The below video demonstrates how to view a quiz submission in Desire2Learn:

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Dropbox Submission Reciepts

When a student submits a file to the dropbox, the dropbox automatically indicates whether or not the dropbox has been received by sending a confirmation email to the student. The dropbox will indicate that the email was sent at the bottom of the screen in green under Email Status.

A student can verify this email is within their Desire2Learn email area. The email will be sent from and will contain the subject Dropbox Submission Receipt. The email contents will indicate which dropbox you submitted to, what date/time it was submitted, and what the file name was. It is highly recommended that you keep these Dropbox Submission Receipts for your records until the end of the course as proof of submission.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

How to Email Your Instructor from the Classlist

Student can compose emails automatically addressed to their Instructor and/or other student(s) in the course by using the Classlist in the Communications drop-down menu.

From within the Classlist:
  1. Select the Name of the person you wish to contact. An email will open with the person's name in the To field and the course title in the subject line.
  2. Enter your Message.
  3. Select Send.
NOTE: If you wish to send a message to multiple people, select the Checkbox next to each user's name and then select Email. 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Do you know about the Library widget in Desire2Learn?

The Library widget in Desire2Learn is located on the Course Home page of most course sites within Desire2Learn. The Library widget gives students instant access to:
  • Research Guides
  • Citation Sources
  • Books
  • Articles
  • Databases
  • and more!
Students can also select the Ask a Librarian Button to get the assistance of a librarian 24 hours a day!

Library Widget in Desire2Learn

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Viewing Grades from the Dropbox

Did you know you can view your dropbox grades from within the dropbox tool? Viewing dropbox grades in this way can also allow you to access any written feedback or feedback files attached by an Instructor for more information on the grade you received.

To view your grades from the dropbox:

  1. Select Dropbox from the Assessments drop-down menu on the navigation bar.
  2. Once an item has been graded, the grade that an Instructor has assigned to the submission will be listed in the Score column.
  3. Select the View icon to view any available feedback.
  4. If your feedback is left within a file, select the Link to the file to view or download the feedback file.
  5. Select Done.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Listening to HTML Content with ReadSpeaker

Fully integrated with Desire2Learn, ReadSpeaker will read an HTML page to a user by simply selecting the Listen button in the ReadSpeaker toolbar at the top of a page in the Content Viewer.

For more information on how to use ReadSpeaker, please visit: